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  Accreditations by: Nigerian Institute of Training &Development (NITAD), Industrial Training Fund (ITF) and Centre for Management Development (CMD)

Several factors set us apart and give the required edge that makes us the best amongst others; they include:

i. Tailor made programs:

Our programs are tailored to meet the needs and interest of each student/ client so they learn what they need to learn along with a professionally designed curriculum to meet that need. This is especially so for the soft skills training: every organization has its aims and objectives. Armed with these, we tailor our training curriculum to meet these needs: ensuring that our corporate clients’ corporate goals and objectives are met.

ii. Observing and interacting with our students during the first meeting is important to us to know him/her better. During the verbal and written diagnostic and placement test (for the language skills acquisition services) we make choices of lessons best fit for his/her language level.

iii. Unique teaching/ training methods:

With our unique techniques, we break through all psychological barriers; which is the most difficult thing especially about learning foreign languages.

iv. We prepare lessons suited to our student's learning language level by personalizing the course to suit the specific problem areas - vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, written or verbal skills

v. We make sure that our students feel confident when we teach them. As much as possible, we want our students to relax when studying with us just like when he/she is talking to a friend. Most of our language and training clients are adults and will approach learning a new language or even a training programme with trepidation, so the teaching/learning atmosphere is relaxed to eschew timidity.

vi. Lively Classes:

Our classes are lively with interesting conversations during our lessons.

vii. Programs for diverse age groups:

We teach language to all age groups, all people.

viii. Qualified Tutors:

Language & Skills Development Consulting teachers/ trainers possess solid teaching skills, years of experience and have been carefully selected to ensure a friendly and helpful service extended to all students and clients. They are very patient and focused teachers who have a burning passion for what they do and put in a lot of effort in doing it. At LSDC, we deal professionally with people and our aim is to ensure that they leave us with a smile on their face, knowing they got value for their time and money.