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  Accreditations by: Nigerian Institute of Training &Development (NITAD), Industrial Training Fund (ITF) and Centre for Management Development (CMD)
Who We Are

The Language & Skills Development Consulting is a specialist school which provides English language education (EFL/ESL -English as a Foreign/Second Language) and ethics to Nigerians and non English speaking foreigners in Nigeria and  a HR shop versed in offering training and HR consulting services to organizations.

Born out of a burning passion for teaching and training, service excellence and a flair for languages, we are a company with the following goals:

i.    To ensure that our non-English speaking clients learn to speak English while In Nigeria and are provided with the skills to properly integrate them into the Nigerian society.

ii.     We also are interested in the improvement of English language skills by Nigerians who are not adept in the appropriate use of these language skills. Our LIC (Language Improvement Course) takes care of this

iii. As part of our language services, we offer Nigerian Languages courses, and language courses in French, Spanish and Arabic

iv.     We offer a wide spectrum of services, providing the flexibility and options to serve all our clients' Human Resources needs viz learning and development activities (training programmes) for organizations, for the achievement of their corporate goals and objectives. We provide our clients' with an informed perspective on the issues they face, thus enabling them to maximize Human Capital giving them a competitive edge.

v. Our mystery shopping service is positioned to help gauge our clients'customer service delivery level, identify service (and product knowledge) gaps, recommend appropriate training and other trouble shooting exercises and also provide these corrective training and other activities.